Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator step by step - part six

Hello world,

Let's continue with my step by step guide. Today I'll show you how I've painted stones and crystals. I've decided to limit my color palete and all rocky the elements were painted with in the same painting sheme. I began with few watered down coats of Charadone Granite foundation paint.

Next I've added small amount of Bleached Bone paint and started to work with all top elements of each stones. I follow this method till pure Bleached Bone mixed with Skull White painted on the top edges.

I should paint the small skull on chain in other color, which is my remark after painting the whole model, but in that time this element look fine to me.

Next part was the two crystals. When I was planning how do I wanted to paint this mini I've few options cosidering crystals. I was considering painting it with red or blue. The second option was OSL. The last part I'll show you on the bottom and it was only a prototype made with photoshop.
In the end I've choosen tha this little fella should have a red crystals. I begun my painting with Scab Red paint.

Then I've added Blood Red. Next I've added Blazing Orange to Blood Red and paint thin lines on the edges of the crystals.

Last thing which I've made was painting a small dot in centre of each crystal of pure Bleached Bone.

I could use different scheme - Scab Red to Skull White - but I wanted to try something 'new'.

In the end of Today's post, here's the glowing crystals version of my Wolf Guard Terminator.

Tomorrow I'll show you how have I painted head, so stay tuned. In the mean time I'm painting my Stormraven Gunship and Assault Squad, so expect somme pictures of them around Friday.


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