Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In a mean time...


Yesterday I wrote about painting the rest of my Stormraven, but looking at it from the different point of view, I'll make small break of painting him. Couple of days. After painting huge amount of red areas it's time to paint something else.

From the release of the Space Wolves their models were always on my painting wish list. It's time to put one V on the list. This weekend I've manage mi time to prepare - clean and glue - one of the Wolf Guard Terminators from the plastic kit. I don't know if this wargear which I've choosen for him is 100% legal but actually I don't care. I don't want to start Spaace Wolves army, because it's not in my taste. I just wanted to paint one SW terrminator. :) Hopefully this weekend I'll finish him.

As I like to have options in my Blood Angels army I started to make additionall models for my assault squads. These guys are the first ones - sergeants with power weapon and bolt pistol. While cleaning the rest of the SRG parts I'll work also on three guys with flamers and three guys with plasma guns. Someone could say - you could to this with small 3x1 magnets and change weapons without painting additionall models. Yes indead, I could but I just want to have painted models with wargear options. Probably this year I'll start with another 12 regular guys from Assault Squads, beside my cleaned and glued terminators.


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  1. Hi. Nice idea to take a break form the SRG to paint something different. I really look forward to see the Terminator painted.

    Is it possible to see some Step by step pictrues later on? Would be interesting ;)

    Regards, Solmar