Thursday, March 10, 2011

Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator step by step - part eight


Today is the last post from my little tutorial. I'll focus only on the base. On the beginning I wanted to create a snow covered base, but unfortunately I wasn't able to locate my can with snow. I even couldn't my Vallejo 'Snow and Foam' bottle.

I've started with Milliput Superfine White putty. Very nice medium. I use it on many bases on my models. Usually I take small elements, but this time I wanted a really big 'rock'. Milliput dries in around 3 hours. After that period I've attached it to a 40mm base with super glue and prime it with Chaos Black Spray.

Usually on this step I take Graveyard Earth paint and paint the whole base with it. This time I've taken Charadon Granite foundation paint.

Next step was small drybrush with Dark Flesh and Vermin Brown paints.

Then I've drybrush my stone with Codex Grey paint, Fortress Grey paint and Skull White paint.

Plastic base was painted with Graveyard Earth paint. After attaching my Space Wolvie I've added Heki static grass.

I've used 3mm/20g winter HEKI 3355 and 5mm dark green HEKI 3369 static grass.

And that's all for this little guy. Of course I could work more on him, but I've to go back to my Blood Angels. If you got any questions and / or comments, please write them below.


  1. Very nice final looking for that SW ¡

    And as always, I have to thank you for these fantastic tutorials. Not many people make them because the number of pics and interruptions you must take, but you are always ready to teach us something new.

    Again, chapeau for your job, and eagerly awaiting for those videos.

  2. Really great result and awesome tutorial. Will give it a gome in future.. ;)

    Keep up the good work :)

  3. Your tutorials are amaze-tastic!

    Thanks for all the time you put in and the great step by step pics!

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