Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blood Angels Librarian with book

Hi there,

Yesterday I decided to paint one from my Librarians. I really have a desire to paint something blue and he's one of my favorite Librarian models. I don't know if I'll use him often in my army but I want to paint him anyway. :) Below you will find my proposal for this little guy. Definitely I'll change the blues to more blue - grey. So this one will be another of my experiments. I predict that he will take around two weeks of my life. ;)

Best regards,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gimiak back in action


I haven't been here for couple of days because of my trip to Międzywodzie, a small town (village) on the north of Poland. Without a brush and paints I've cleaned couple of plastic models, on which I'll work next year - Dreadnought in full option, Devastator Squad and Razorback turrents. :D Below you can see my latest painted mini, another member of famous Assault Squads! Two other guys are still in progress. Expect them after this weekend. After these two guys I've to paint something different, maybe something blue... I don't know yet, but I'll think about it and clean a mini for the next weeks painting sessions. :)


Sunday, November 28, 2010

starting new mini

I've been recently very busy, no time to paint:( Today I glued a new Dark Eldar Urien. Starting tomorrow I'll be painting this guy, and try to post some more posts.
Hope I'll have some more time this week...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Easy patterns

Today I'll show you how to make easy and quick patterns on your tanks, or big monsters. This technique is very good if you want to have many the same markings on your models.

1. First, you have to find your pattern on the net or draw it on computer;
2. Print them. Remember to save forests and print as many of your drawings as you can on one page ;-)

3. Using very sharp knife cut them out;

4. Cover your model with paint of patterns desired color;

5. Cover your markings with cheapest glue stick. This shouldn't leave any trace of glue after;

6. Glue them in desired positions;

7. Paint your model;
8. Simply peel off the markings;
9. If you want, you can weather it.

Unfortunately I've destroyed Lolers airbrush (yeah, it's possible...but don't expect any tutorials about it ;-p ) so couldn't finish Leman from few first pics. That is why final pic is from other model.
Thats all, hope it helped someone

Friday, November 19, 2010

Plastic rune priest

below you can see WIP pictures of Rune priest converted from plastic SW parts.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Packing miniatures

Whenever I have to send a miniature to someone I'm nervous... Maybe it's just me but Im always thinking that the mini might break or damage during shipment. So I try to pack my minis as good as I can.
I thought that maybe there is someone like me, always nervous about shipping:)
I had to pack this mini

the first step was his wooden base. I wraped it in paper towel and put it on the bottom of some kind of styrofoam box I found in my basement:) You can ofcourse use any other box, I just thought this might by harder than carton.
Then I took a sponge bougth in some local shop, and cut half of it (as I didnt need more)
Saw that it's too long so I just had to cut some more

ok, now I placed the mini on the sponge and started to draw contours of mini on the sponge
and with modeling knife I cut the shape of my emperors champion:)
It fits well, but I decided to wrap it in soft paper towel becouse the sponge I used was a little rough, scratchy.
I placed the sponge in my box...
...and put that box into another one... I always do that, makes me feel more comfortable:D

that would be all. I know it might look silly to pack one little mini in such a huge box, but now Im calm, becouse this package is indestructible;)
cheers, loler

Storm Raven


Last week there was a leak on GW website with an information and pic of the upcoming Storm Raven gunship model. SR looks in my humble opinion very nice. Small, bulky, red. ;)In the picture attached below there is also a 'weird' dreadnought model, which look a little bit unusual. Different fron plate, wings on the front and regular blood claw (right hand). Quite interesting. Hopefully these two models GW will release soon. I'm really looking forward for it.

This weekend I've finish cleaning, assembling and priming the rest of my Assault Squads. Below you're able to see the first ones (not yet primed). I wanted to have them with agressive poses. Some look ok, some very good. Looking at my free time in near future I think that these nine models I 'll paint till the end of this year. In the meantime I've started to clean Venerable Dreadnought kit, which will be working as a regular Dreadnought. Last week I use one with my battle against CSM, additionally I do like to paint these mechanical 'artefacts from the past'.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Assault Squad melta gunners


Melta gunners are finally painted. I have to admit that they took me too much time, with other 9 guys I've to work faster. They're already primed with basic colors and this weekend I will try to push them a little bit forward. Nothing special at all, just a regular guys for army.

On Thursday I had opportunity to test a new army rooster - mechanised bloody angels against CSM. Maybe on upcoming weekend I'll have an oportunity to fight against new Dark Eldar. Again. First battle was lost on forth turn. Damn latex Eldars!


Thursday, November 11, 2010


If you are interested in buying my Dark Eldar Archon the you should visit this link

Dark eldar Archon

Painted for ebay. Really like those new dark eldar, fun to paint.
comments are more than welcome:)

more pics on cmon
regards, loler

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here you can see finished skin and trousers of my 2 nurgle ogres. Unfortunetly I couldn't finish them before the end of last week, because I had to paint 13 chaos maruders (needed them to have fully painted 1k army). Later this week I'll show them to you, but first I have to make some good photos.


Two new miniatures arrive...

Hi there,

Some time ago I've posted my request on few polish forums for the Space Marine Veteran from 2004 SM Army. This week I got response from Slawol from Chest of Colors that he have it and would like to trade with me. Yesterday I've received this mini. I've to rip the paint off but the sculpture look very nice. Especially this 'thing' on his head and a unregular Storm bolter. It will be a pleasure to paint this mini.

Chaplain Xavier from Salamanders Chapter is another cool mini, which came yesterday. His hammer looks very impressive. I'll raze all Salamanders insignia and paint him as he is from Blood Angels Chapter. :)


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Melta gunners - another wip

Hi there,

I was hoping to deal with my assault squads melta gunners this weekend but unfortunately the time run fast. Real fast. Below you can see my progress with them. I'll try to finish them until Friday. This weekend I would like to start with rest of the assaulters.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Blood Angels Sanguinor work in progress and some starter wet blending tips :D


I decided that it is time to paint my Sanguinor model that waited for 6 month for this moment hehe. This one is a serious NMM chalange and i hipe i will do this sculpt justice.

I managed to paint the front of him but there is much work to do and some areas ned more work to be finished, but here u have him.

I must add some blinks here and there but I’m overall happy how he looks now so lets hope the rest will turn out great.

For the golden NMM I used:
Shades - were made with a mix of Snakebite Leather and Chaos Black in proportions of 1:1 (u can add a little brush of Regal Blue to push the color into dark green color).
Base Color - Snakebite Leather
First highlight - here I used Bleached Bone.
Second final highlight - a mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White. the blicks were done with pure Bleached Bone.

I use glazes but most of the time I paint using the wet blending technique.
Wet blending originates from oil paints and its used there very often. Some ppl say that its difficult to blend with acrylic colors but its possible and it can be done even with a Retarder Medium (
this substance prolongs the drying time so u can blend more easily).

If you want to learn a basic thing about wet blending try to make this exercise and maybe you will like the results.

First of all we will use the same colours that I used for Sanguinors NMM (Chaos Black/Snake bite 1:1 mix, Snakebite Leather, Bleached Bone, Skull White). Then you must have a soft brush and the larger areas you paint the larger brush you should use because it will be easier to blend.

For the demonstration I used a 20mm plasticard square but I recommend to use a 10mm one and it will be easier to do it. I used a retarder medium but I recommend to use it only on lager surfaces (such as cloaks or vehicles).

  1. Apply the base color first to cover the undercoat because it will help to keep the middle color visible and you wont have problems with covering white or black primer while blending.
  2. Seconldy aplay starting from the left: Chaos Black/Bleached Bone Mix, Snake Bite Leather, Bleahced Bone. The trick is to do it fast so the paints are still wet (the retarder medium helps with this problem)
  3. If you have all the colors in place you can now start to blend. You do it with clean smooth strokes starting from the brightest color and going to the darkest. The only way to blend is to move the brush vertically (looking at the photo it will be up and down) and going from the brightest to the darkest color as I mentioned earlier. The whole process is similar to dry brushing but the paint is on our painted surface. It should look like this if you do it properly.
  4. Sometimes it will be necessary to put more paint on the painted surface because of over blending a chosen color so its not visible and with bigger surfaces you should blend the surface few times to have the final.

If you have some questions just ask them and I will try to help because unfortunately its hard to show this in a written tutorial. This technique isn’t easy at start but if you master it will be a good addition to your painting arsenal.

So I wish you happy painting ^_^

Sanguinius - more pics

As promised I put few pics of my Sanguinius. I will paint him last after all other super heroes from BA chapter, maybe in the upcoming year. What I can say about the model? The sculpted figure is looking preaty good. IMHO only his sword is a little bit to thin. Looking at the range of the models Ronin miniatures only Fulgrim looks better. ;)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

some freehands

I had to paint 2 standards for a local player.
That was meant to look simple but cool on the battlefield.


Some time ago I managed to finish this project. I made good photos of him so here you have the finished miniature. It was a project for this years Hussar competition. I learned a good lesion not to rush painting and that its better to start earlier hehe.

Better photos in my CoMoN gallery. I hope you like him :D.

Friday, November 5, 2010

wet palette

I made a quick tutorial about wet palette. It's an extremly useful tool for me, it allows to mix colors freely without a need to rush, becouse paints don't dry that fast as for example on plastic palette or CD.
All you need to make a wet palette is some kind of box, cottonwool and baking paper.
The paper should be covered on both sides with silicon.
The paints are kept wet by the water under the baking paper and you can use your paints even after hours from mixing them on your palette.

The first step is to put cottonwool in the box (you can use a plastic one from for example miniature boxes as I use or some metal, like on the picture below)
now just pour water to it...
...cut some baking paper and place it on wet cottonwool.
and it's finished:). As you can see it very simple to make but it helps so much!
and look, when using wet palette my paints seem to be happier!
cheers, loler