Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dark eldar Archon

Painted for ebay. Really like those new dark eldar, fun to paint.
comments are more than welcome:)

more pics on cmon
regards, loler


  1. Wow ¡

    Thats a really cool scheme you got there, and very smooth and clean painting.

    I love it, congrats for it.

    Coul you please explain the colour scheme for every part?

    Thanks in advance and keep painting Dark Eldars ¡

  2. Hi
    Im happy you like it:)

    How I painted some parts:
    I used airbrush. The first leyer was chaos black, then I airbrushed chaos black + space wolves grey mix from over the top of the miniature. I wanted to have a zenithal highlighting on the model. Then I started to paint all the edges with mix of space wolfes grey and black. Did the same with a mix of more space wolfes and finaly with pure space wolves grey. Then I did few spots od skull white to make some good contrast. When that was finished I made few glazes of ice blue, right next to the lightest areas. And just a few glazes of regal blue in deeper shadows. Also I add few glazes of warlock purple just to make it more interesting

    sword, spikes and other silver nmm stuff:
    the same paints as armour but without using warlock purple glaze. Here everything was painted similar as armour but I made some more cotrast by painting bigger area of light paint next to big area of dark paint. Also used more blue here, to make it more shiny.

    blue parts:
    mixes of regal blue and white, some glazing with ice blue and a touch of warlock purple. nothing special here:)

    the base was warlock purple. Then I painted higlights with mixes of warlock purple and white. Then shadows with warlock purple and regal blue. When that was finished I started glazing with different mixes used previously, to smooth everything up.

    I thinkg that would be all hope that it helps. sry for any mistakes in my English, I hope it wasn't that bad;)
    regards, loler

  3. Fantastic work, love the color choices.