Monday, November 1, 2010

Some plans for the future

I'm posting some pics of models I intend to paint this week.
First are Chaos ogres and second will be my battle standard bearer for wariors of chaos army. Photos show how they look after airbrushing with bestial brown and its mixes with skull wite.

Cheers, Czys


  1. your BSB is impressive!!
    Where did the model came from?? Is that a converted Morphus, isn't it?

    Nice work converting it! (if it IS the enigma model I'm thinking it is xD)

    it would be cool if you can confirm this, because I've always wanted to have some enigma models for my army, but I've thought they would be TOO big for my WHFB chaos mortal army! I'll be waiting for the answer!!

  2. Yes, that's a bit converted Morphus model (I gave him icon of nurgle on his back). He is larger than regular fighters, but not that much. Here you can see the comparision:
    I used him in some battles and he really fits with the army.
    Thanks for comment :D

  3. Ha, I'm painting Ogre Bull right now! :D
    Nice converting!!!

  4. WOW Czys, thank you SO FUCKN MUCH for that picture!!!

    That one is what I should had to buy some Enigma miniatures!! THANK YOU! I think I'll buy a couple of enigma models now ;)