Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sanguinius - noble son and Primarch of the Blood Angels

Some time ago there was a company - Ronin Miniatures from Italy - who have produced in limited number few interessting miniatures. Fulgrim, Mortarion, Huron, Sanguinius and of course the Emperor. All the figures where realesed in limited numbers. Last week was a very suprising for me, when Sanguinius, primarch of the Blood Angels, appear on polish auctions portal ( The price for this mini was relative cheap, comparing to prizes on ebay. 50$ is absolutely nothing comparing to a miniature which is worth for me couple of Land Raiders. On the blister there is written a number #403 / 500, so it looks like that only 500 Sanguinius exist. Nice. I'll put pictures of him tomorrow or so, I'm just unable to locate my digital camera... so stay tuned for some interesting pics.


Ps: If you would like to see other Primarch models, please take a look here.

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