Saturday, October 26, 2013

Asuka Kisaragi - silver at Hussar!

Hi there guys!

It's been few days now since we've returned from Hussar painting competition. Well, there are no words that describes the atmosphere there and of course miniatures! There are some cool reports from this event on the Internet so if you are interested, check them out!

Today I'd like to show you one of my entries. Asuka Kisaragi from Infinity game.
It won silver in 'War machine' category!
I'm very proud of this  miniature. This one was my first try in NMM and transparency effect. Still need more practice but for me it looks cool :)

stay tuned for more!

Piotrek 'Dexter'

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Luz - New York - codename "Dat Ass" :D


Finally I managed to make some photos of my last project. This one was my entry in this years Hussar competition. I managed to get a honorable mention and I'm very happy because this year there ware many mind blowing works and the overall level was very high.

I have learned much with this project and I wanted to thank Bohun for his opinion on this one because he gave me much to think about and he pointed me some things that I need to improve. I recommend painting bigger scale models :D. So tell me how do you like this miniature and if you have some suggestions feel free to comment.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Commander Farsight

Today I show you my lastest projekt, it is again Tau model. This time I'm painting Commander Farsight. I decided use different color pallet  than in the previous model. Base color is  the same how I use painting Commander Shas'o R'alai (Skorne red P3) but I highlight using blazing orange (CC). To paint shadows I use Mahagony paint (VMA) and in middle tone - purple (liche purple CC).

What you think about this W.I.P. model?


Monday, October 14, 2013

Luz - New York - WIP 1.4


I think this will be mu last WIP post with this model because I'm getting to the end. Last night I painted some Metallic parts and I must say that I haven't painted with metallics for ages and I don't have much experience in this mater. I wanted to paint with them as with NMM and I hope it looks good. Here you have some photos of my model.

I think today I will manage to finish her. Things to do for today are:
- painting her hair,
- some details ala medallions on her cape,
- some cleaning of places that I'm not happy with :D.

So keep you fingers crossed and tell my what dou you think about this one and my approach painting with metallic paints.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luz - New York - WIP 1.3


It's me RED and I wanted to show you how my project looks like now. After the last update I decided to remake those leather parts that I didn't like and I wanted to add some more light to them. The effects you cans see for your selves. I hope you like where this project is going :P

I must work on her eyes to ad them more shine because now they are to dark. With this project the more I look on those photos the more things I find that need to be redone :P. Do you have similar problems ?? :D