Saturday, April 30, 2011


For those of you who still hasn't finished but would like to enter I have some good news. We changed the deadline of sending the pictures to 3rd May. It's becouse some people asked us that, and 2 of TBB are on vacation till that time.

hope you'll find that as a good news:)
regards, loler

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Grey Knight Terminator miniature


Finally I managed to finish my terminator. The demon hammer is made of some kind of stone. I'm really happy of how the blood effect turned out.




Grey Knights Chapter Master painting tutorial (step by step) - part three

Hello world,

It's time for the third part of my small Grey Knight painting tutorial. Today I wanted to focus on all red elements. After seeing Redavs GK terminator I've decided to go in that color direction with small modifications. I've started with a basecoat of a little bit watered down Mechrite Red foundation paint.

To the base color I've added Regal Blue paint and watered down the mixture. Diligently using glaze technique I've applied my color mixture to shade all red elements.

When the shading process was completed I've started with highlighning. Middle color - Mechrite Red - was galzed with few layers of watered down Blood Red paint. Edges were painted with Blood Red and Skull White (4:1) mixture. The last coat on the very edges were painted with a  1:1 mixture of a Blood Red and Skull White.

Inner section of the Inquisition cross was painted with Scab Red as a base, Blood Red as a middle color and Blazing Orange as a highlight. Using a Fine Detail Brush I've put white strokes inside Inq cross and glaze them with Blood Red.

Yep, now it's started to looking nicer. Tomorrow I'll focus on tabard and purity seals and wires around helmet. If you got any questions, don't hesitate to write them below in comment section.See you tomorrow then around 10 a.m.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grey Knights Chapter Master painting tutorial (step by step) - part two

Hi there,

Today I'll continue with my small tutorial about 'how to paint a Grey Knights Chapter Master'. This time I'll focus on the gold areas. Hopefully my tutorial will be helpful for you.

I've started with base made of Tin Bitz paint. I wanted that all skulls and ornaments which could be find on this model to be painted gold.

As a next step I've applied a Devlan Mud wash in the recesses.

Next I've started with highlighting applying Shining Gold paint.

In the upper section of each 'gold' element I've applied a thin watered down layer of a Shining Gold and Mithril Silver paints mixture. The last coat was made with pure Mithril Silver applied in the very edges.

So far, so good. Tomorrow I'll focus on areas on which a red paint will be apllied - psycannon, heraldy shield and =][= sign located on the chest. Looking at Redav's post I'll try to emulate his color scheme on my model. I recommend you to visit our blog tomorrow around 10 a.m. to see more.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GK terminator

Hi. I finished my GK terminator. One of our participants will get this miniature for free!:)

I'm happy of how it turned out, wanted to try sth new with metal. I wanted to paint true metals using some nmm knowledge:)
I hope you like it;)here are some better pics

Grey Knights Chapter Master painting tutorial (step by step) - part one

Hi there,

Today I would like to invite you to my next tutorial of a step by step painting. This time I'll paint from the start to the end a Grey Knights Chapter Master. Choosen miniature is a mixture of new plastic kit and a psycannon from the metal terminators. Everyday I'll show you new painting areas. Today it's the silver elements part.

I begun with undercoating the whole miniature with Chaos Black spray. When the spray dried I've applied a thin layer of Skull White sprayed horizontal.

Next I've applied a little bit watered down a Boltgun Metal paint on the whole armour.

Next a watered down Asurmen Blue wash was applied on the whole armour area.

Next I've applied a Badab Black wash.

After last wash dried and after looking at the first picture from above I've started to highlight areas with  watered down Chainmal paint. Mithril Silver paint was than applied on the very edges of silver armour.

And that's it for today. Tomorrow I'll show you how to paint gold elemets - ornaments, shoulder pads etc. So stay tuned for more.


Ps: Yesterday I could finally start to paint anything. During the last days I couln't find time to do anything. This weekend I've started with cleaning of my regular Grey Knights. Five are already prepared for battle. X)

Monday, April 25, 2011

GK base

I've almost finished my GK terminator wich will be given to one randomly chosen participant in our competition.
Today I'll show you his base. Tomorrow I'll try to finish the whole model and post it here;)cheers! loler

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy easter


We would like to wish you all peaceful and colorful easter.

The Brush Brothers.

Grey Knight Paladins - WIP and some Brother Bethor colors.


After finishing my last terminator I started working on 5 GK paladins. I glued them, made some bases and undercoated them. This time I will be painting in NMM so this will be a challenge but I hope it will suit those terminators well.

I promised you to post what colors I have used for my Brother Bethor Terminator so here you have them.

Silver Metalics:

- Boltgun Metal as base,

- then I made a heavy wash with Dabab Black,

- the next step was to correct some places with Boltgun Metal,

- first highlight was made with Chainmail,

- and the final one was made using Mithril Silver.

- then I have done some shading to direct the reflected light and make some contrast and for this I used glazes of: Dabab Black Wash, Asurmen Blue Wash and a glaze I made from Vallejo Heavy Violet.

Golden Metalics:

- Tin Bitz as base color,

- Dwarven Bronze as first highlight,

- Shining Gold as next highlight,

- at this stage I made a Delvian Mud wash and a Hawk Turquoise wash only in some places,

- next was a highlight with Burnished Gold,

- for final highlights I used Mithril Silver.

Red weapon, shields and seals ware made using:

- Macharite Red as base color,

- for shadows I used a 1:1 mix of Macharite Red and Regal Blue,

- then I highlighted it to Blood Red,

- the next step was a highlight using a 1:1 mix of Bleched Bone and Blood Red,

- at this stage I glazed the last highlight with blood red so it looked as strong and clear Blood Red,

- and the final highlight was made using the same Bleched Bone/Blood Red mix but only on the edges,

The face was painted using:

- Talran Flesh as base,

- then I shaded it with a mix of Talaran Flesh/Blood Red/Regal Blue (1:1:1).

- the first highlight was made using a Talran Flesh/Elf Flesh mix,

- the second highlight was made using a mix of Elf Flesh and Bleched Bone,

- the next highlight was made using Bleched Bone,

- and for the final highlight I used Skull White.

Blue Energy hammer and some other additions ware made using:

- Necron Abyss as base,

- then I highlighted it to Enchanted blue,

- the next highlight was made using a mix of Enchanted Blue and Skull White,

- and the final highlight was made using Skull White.

Paper stuff :

- A mix of Khemri Brown and regal blue (2:1) as base,

- next was a highlight of Khemri Brown,

- the second highlight was Deheb Stone,

- next was a mix of Bleched Bone and Deheb Stone,

- and for the final highlight I used Skull White.

And that is all :D


Friday, April 22, 2011

GK painting comp

there are still few days left, so if anyone would like to participate or plans to paint a GK terminator, can send us pictures, there's no need to enlist or sth...

In previos post you could se Redav's Terminator. We (thebrushbrothers) won't take part in the competition. This miniature and mine will be given to randomly chosen participants so that everyone has a chance to win sth:)

regards, loler;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grey Knight Terminator Brother Bethor


It took me some time to finish this model but I made it. I wanted to post some more WIP photos but I didn't have time to make some and I'm happy that I managed to finish this model. Here you have some photos of this guy.

I hope you like him. Later today I will post what paints I used for this model so stay tuned.


A great discovery and ebay auctions


I've been busy cleaning my warehouse this week and after many hours of digging I've found a lot of nice goodies shown below. I've put them on ebay yesterday, so if you are interessting in purchasing these models don't hasistate.