Sunday, September 29, 2013

CSM Lord wip pics 3.0


Today I would like to show you my CSM Lord current wip pics. After Saturday painting I've pushed this little fella forward. There are few things left to finish it. This week I'll share with you with my idea on a banner, so stay tuned.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Luz - New York - WIP 1.2

I have had some more time to paint and I made some progress with my project. Here you have some photos.

As you can see there is sill much work to be done but I'm happy with my progress. I try to do my best with this model and I want to paint it in my style but I hope it will be something different. I like this scale because it has some challenges and I'm learning much on this miniature. Ok back to work :P.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fulgrim wip

Wanted to show you a model I'm currently working on. A nice sculpt with a lot of details. Pretty hard to paint but I think it will look nice when finished:)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Luz - New York - WIP 1.0

Today I want to show you my progress on a model that I wanted to paint for this year's Hussar competition. About a year ago I have bought Nocturna models figure called Luz New York. Its a model based on Luis Royo's artworks. I am a big fan of him and when I saw this one I could not resist to buy and paint this miniature.
I wanted to paint it so it will be as close to Royo's artworks. Here you can see some artworks. 

And now for my miniature.

At this point I finished her black cape and I have started working on her skin. There is much work to do on this miniature but I have much fun painting her and experimenting. I want her to be painted in a realistic style and this is something new for me. So what do you think ?? Any comments are welcome as always.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Green Knight

I wanted to show you one of the miniatures I'm most pround of in my life. I painted it one year ago. It won gold in Hussar 2012 single category an silver in Golden Demon 2013 single WFB. Had a lot of fun with all the freehands:)
The miniature is for sale. If you are interested mail me- lolerah(at)gmail(dot)com
Here are some photos:

Photos by Karol Rudyk:

Photos by C'tan form Fantasy games:

Thanks for the photos friends!

Click the upper links for good quality, big photos. Here some for the lazy people :)

What do you think about it?

Friday, September 13, 2013

CSM Lord wip pics 2.0


Going further with my topic, today I want to share with you next step. For the coat I've used Skrag Brown as a basis, which was highlighted till mixture with Bleached Bone and shaded with few glazes of Incubi Darkness paint. Result in real is satisfying. These pics are also my test ride of a new Nikon Lens. Expect next update around Wednesday. Hopefully other members will share something during weekend with you. ;)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CSM Lord first wip pics

As a side project to my Nob I've worked on old CSM Lord. Miniature's head was exhanged with Marauder Horsemen head from WFB. This week I'm working on the model, next will be a backpack, taken from the Dark Vengeance Chosen model, on which I'll apply a banner with a simple freehand.
Expect more pics after weekend.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to make a base, in the style of old asphalt road.

Today I will show you how I made the base for my Tau Commander.

We will need: gypsum (quick-drying), sand, white glue, and something to make a form. The form should be flat so our gypsum will imitate asphalt. I used an old plastic casing, but you can use some packaging left after a miniature (clampack) or a small box.

 It’s important to get a flat mold with a height of a few millimeters. I had to put a plastic base under one corner of my mold so the gypsum could not spill.
IMPORTANT: Gypsum was mixed with sand in a 60-40% proportion and I poured it into the form.
After several hours our gypsum should dry.

We then make a sand paste. Mix sand, white glue and a little water to obtain a thick paste.

Then we put the sand paste on the base and the formed gypsum (smooth side up) on the top. You can break the gypsum slate, to get interesting shapes. You can add a few things to the base, and I added a few pipes and placed thicker sprinkled stones. Now I left the base for one hour to dry a little.

After an hour the sand paste should harden a little, and now we can break the gypsum in a few places.

Then leave it to dry completely - around 12h

With a steel brush scrub layers of plaster (circular motions) until the surface is rough (this is our sand).

This is the effect you should receive.

In the meantime, I decided to add one more element to my base. I decided to make a concrete road barrier and for this I used a mold part from the Tau Commander.

The photo shows the mold before and after treatment with a knife.

And now it’s time for a basecoat.

The base colour (ironhull gray P3), light highlight (Astronomical gray CF).

Using the paper tape I made a template to paint stripes on the asphalt.

I used Mascol to made scratches on stripes.

Stripes after removing the template and Maskol.

Then I have painted the ground with Battlefield Brown (P3) as the base color, and then I highlighted the asphalt plates using Astronomican Gray (CF). Then a black oil wash was applied on the asphalt.

II mixed Vallejo pigments with water (Burnt Umber and Natural Sienna) and then I applied the mix on the ground. I did this three times with different proportions of pigments. In some places on asphalt I also have dry rubbed some pigment to and some interesting colors and dust.

added the barbed wire and I colored it with three shades of rust pigments.

IIn some places on asphalt I added some black pigment and rubbed it with a finger. Then I highlighted the ground with a mix of Astronomican Gray and some Burnt Umber pigment.   

Using airbrush I sprayed the whole base with isopropyl alcohol to preserve pigments. And then I sprayed the base with Vallejo matt varnish for a mat finish.

At the end I decided add two oil spots. To achieve the intended effect I mixed up Satin Varnish with Liche Purple (CC) then I did the same with Regal Blue(CC) and Vallejo Smoke(VMC). All mixes ware added on the base and mixed on the surface to obtain iridescent colors similar to the spilled oil.

And here you can see how the models look on finished bases.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just a quick freehand

Just wanted to show you a banner I painted for my friend. Around 2 hours of painting but I think it's ok for army standard. He said that people loved it during the tournament he played on so I think it fulfilled it's destiny:D

The photo is a little to blue. In real it had some more green hues.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Infinity dudesse

this time something from me. The model is ghulam infantry from infinity army Haqislam. I've tried my best on it, even though I may use it in some future games. Intentionally it will be the part of my entry for polish painting competition Hussar 2013 in "unit" category.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Little Fella

This time something different:)
I decided to paint a little model for Warhammer 40k Epic. This guy is around 6mm (it's similar in size to standard space marine head!). I had a great fun painting it, and it took me around 2 and a half hours to finish this guy. I want to paint 4 other squad members and one of them will have a tiny little banner (want to make a smallest freehanded banner ever!:D)

anyway, here are the photos

What do you think about it?:D