Monday, May 24, 2010

War drum beats from Lustria...


Some of you may recognise my Skink Warchief, which I have painted some time ago.

This weekend I have started to paint rest of the skink skirmishers squad. Due to camera failure I'm unable to give you any new pics, but expect it in near future. ;)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sanguinor- another wip

Hi. Another wip of my sanguinor. Most of work on body is finished. Still have to paint sword and seals.

Battle damage tutorial

some time ago I made a little tutorial about making battle damage using masking fluid and pastels.

the first step was to paint an entire area that we want to be demaged with a rusty color (I used a mix of brown, black and red)

now it's time to put some masking fluid. I used some kind of sponge used for aquariums... but you can use anything sponge-like or of irregular shape. I tried to make some big chips with some small around so that it looks more random and natural,

when everything's dry just cover it with a color you'd like to be battle damaged:)

Now rub of the fluid using rubber or blutac

As you see it's starting to look better. Your next step is to to paint every bottom edge of all your chips with brighter tone of your base color (you can use white for light base colors, as i did) . It looks like there is light straight from the top of the battle damage. It can be quite time consuming but it's worht it.

To make it look more 3D I made some shadows on top of every chip using black

Ok and the last but not least. Take some dry pastels (you can buy them in all art shops), cruble some and put where you want, just to make it look dirty. I decided to leave a little space between battle damage and the pastels because I think it looks even more 3D.

So that's how it looks finished. now you need to apply a matt spray verniks. I hope it helps anyone!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dark Legion Razide from WarZone

Some time ago we've started with Redav painting two Razides from Mutant Chronicles universe. The model looks nasty, but those miniatures have a lot of years on their backs.

It was fun to paint some retro stuff.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Incoming: Tanks!

Hi. I've finnaly finished for my army two last Razorbacks / Rhinos. You can see more views of the here: CMON. It took me 26 hours to paint both of them. Red was applied with an airbrush.

Army so far... What's next / What's left? Hm... 1 x Landraider Crusader - Death Company dedicated, 3 x Baal Predators, 15 x Death Company, 15 x Assault Marines, 1 x Sternguard Veteran... A lot of! I think I will start with Death Company but first I have to paint something totally different.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My litle Red Warzone Razide ^_^

Hi folks. As my firs post i give you my latest painted model. Its an old Razide from Warzone. I practiced painting skin and muscles on this guy.

The next project is an Eldar Wraithlord form my army and here u have a WIP.

I managed to paint the armor but the fight is not over and there is much work to be done because rest of NMM'ic parts await. More WIPS will come.



From the warp came chaos straight to my desk...

Just kidding. ;) Actually on pics below you will find my current projects on which I'm working right now (almost finish two Razorbacks). You will see more pics after I finish them this week. I was hoping to paint three Baal Predators in June, but after three Razorbacks I'm pretty tired up painting tanks and I have to charge my batteries painting something different, something blue or green...

Last weekend, for the first time, I have used my airbrush on my Death Company models. One I must admit - it's far more better and easy to control layer thicknes. For the base I've used Chaos Black and Regal Blue 1:1 mix. Next layer was Codex Grey. These guys will have to be patient, I will come back to them at the end of June (I hope). ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Terrain project: Red canyon

Hi folks, Gimiak here.

This is actually my first terrain project which I have made around one year ago. I was trying to achieve a red canyon effect and the end result was quite good.

At the beginning I cut STYRODURE in to smaller elements and glue them together with white glue for wood (Wikol, Patex). After couple of hours (when glue has dry) I've started to give my canyon a shape using hobby knife.

Then I have mixed white glue with water and small amount of sand. Using a large, cheap brush from local Hobby and Garden store (like Castorama, Obi etc.) I start to 'paint' the entire terrain with previously created mix.

When this glue-thing-mix have dried I paint the entire project with a black undercoat. Nowadays I would rather use Scorched Brown and Chaos Black (2:1) mix rather than pure black, which would look better.

Then I have painted the whole area with Bestial Brown and Scab Red 1:1 mix.

Using an old brush I have drybrushed the rocks with Vermin Brown and the earth with Blood Red.

Bleached Bone paint was the last coat which I have drybrushed over the rocks.

Maybe not a superb terrain project, but when you create few of those terrains the whole area will look very nicely. I hope you like it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A little wip from loler;)

Hi. This weekend I started painting my Sanguinor. Most of gold nmm is finished. More pics soon:)

Gimiak's new project for May

My current project for May is to paint the last two Blood Angels Razorbacks / Rhinos. Up to now I spend around 10h painting both of them. I will post more pics of the finished project in near future. :)

Latest painted mini - Brother Omnio

Last week I have finnaly finished my second Space Hulk Terminator for my (almost) Blood Angels (aka Templars of Blood) army.

Click here to see more views from it.

The new beginning...

Welcome to our small blog about painting and gaming. We will add new content (our current projects, painting and modelling tutorials, battle reports) if there is any. ;)

If you have any questions or request for tutorials, feel free to write to us and we will try to create them.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

empire bsb

ta ja też se testa zrobię;)
stary bsbek ale nie mam chwilowo nic nowego.