About tbb

My name is Adam and I'm from Poland. I've been painting minis since 2005 and I really love it! Apart from painting I also play wfb-lizardmen and wh40k- iron warriors (chaos).


My name is Krzysztof and I’m also from Poland. Miniature painting and war games are my hobby since 2000 but as for the painting part I do it seriously from 2008. I collect w40k Eldar, Dark Eldar and recently I started a Infinity army. I like to paint challenging projects and especially bigger miniatures such as 54mm or 70mm. My motto is to paint the best as I can and to learn something new with each project.

Hi everybody.
My name is Tom, I’m from Opole- Poland. I play wargames since 2002, sometimes I also paint, mainly figurines for my armies (wfb: warriors of chaos, high elves; wh40k: chaos, imperial guard; bfg: imperial fleet; infinity: panoceania).

Hi all,
My name is Luke and I live in Poland. I've played WH40K since 2011 and I really like painting miniatures, it gives me much pleasure. I collect Ultramarines army, and I try to paint it regularly. I want to continue developing in that direction and paint other miniatures not only from my army.

Hi there! My name is Piotrek. I live in Wroclaw, I'm painting miniatures since 2009. I prefer Limited edition miniatures than the wargaming ones but I do not limit my workshop:)