Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First TBB painting meeting

last sunday we met together to paint some models. In history, we all participated in some kinds of "public paintings" and we knew that this is very good idea. Not only you can show your mini during its painting and gain some realtime feedback about it, but also it was more motivating to paint for a longer time. As per usual I wouldn't make myself to paint for 5 hours straight, but this sunday I didn't noticed when all that time passed. It was very fun and inspiring to paint together in our small painting group.
If you ever have opportunity to do something like painting meeting, don't hesitate- its always worth to chat and learn something new during painting.
Below you can see some photos taken during that time:
Beginning- me trying not to spill anything on Gimiaks head (you can also see here his special black pillows that come under wrists or elbows)

Luk learning from Loler how to paint freehands

Redav edge highlighting :D

Redav was too big, and thus he had to keep his mini on knee. Also Loler shows here his hair and that he is almost blind.

Oppa painting style!

Effects of 5h meeting.

And thats for all.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Old Industrial Floor

Hi all
I'll show you how to make an old industrial style base (60mm)
I used:
60mm standard base
Old hairbrush
Plasticard piece about 60x60mm
three-wire cable
Several single cables
0.5mm wire
8mm tube
A few sticks from lollipops
Metal netting with the old car air filter
cotton flakes

I started the construction of dismantling hairbrush to recover perforated sheet of metal. Then, using wires attached it to a standard base and cut to the shape of the base. Protruding parts match the design to the edge of the stand.

The next step was cutting plasticard to the size of a quadrangle with sides around 60x60mm. Metal grille with air filter I cut a similar but slightly larger size and glued to plasticard (super glue). When the glue has dried cut off protruding part of the grille.


Several single cables and sticks of lollipops, I wrapped a thin wire at varying intervals.


Tube and the rest of the cables, to cut a selected length.


Then I painted everything black primer. Round, a square base and a few other parts were painted using bound space of two shades of brown and orange - as a base rust.

 Using maskol I did chipping rust. In addition, three-wire cable and tube painted crackle medium. When everything has dried put on the base color to the elements.

  On the square base put on brown, and rust wash.

  Now is the time to put all the elements on a circular base. Once you have laid out how to arrange parts glued them using hot glue and super glue.

When the glue has dried combined the two bases together. Using oil paints finished the corrosion, added stuffings and stains.

At the end I added a spider web using the cotton fibers, which are then sprayed satin varnish.

Remained only attach our miniature.

And it looks like the model on finished base.

If you have any questions feel free to ask

I hope you liked my tutorial.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Luz New York - Review


Some time ago I bought a new model from Nocturna models. It is a new line of models based on artworks from Luis and Romulo Royo. Im a big fan of their artworks and when I saw this model I could not resist buying it :D

First of all this is a 1/12 - 70 mm resin model kit representing a character named Luz. The kit I sealed in a metal box with is very nice and consists of 7 resin pieces (including base) and a certificate.

The casting quality is very good and the details are very subtle and there ware almost no mold lines. This is my second contact with resin and the first was GW's failcast but here the resin is very good and there are no air bobbles so a big plus for that. The parts fit overlay good but not ideal. I know that I must use some green stuff to mask the links between parts but the cape and the head will be a different story, lucky nothing a cant handle. 

Here you can see some photos of the assembled model using bluetac.

I think this is a grate model and I'm positively surprised with the quality of this model. I will keep an eye on future Nocturna models because I can say their models are very good.

I think this model will be a true test for my painting skills and It wont be easy to paint. I hope to paint her this year maybe on a polish painting competition but time will tel. Now my son is a priority in my life and I have small amounts of time to paint but lets hope this will change :D.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Demon part I

I wanted to show you one of the projects I'm currently working on. A Demon prince. Still there a lot to do about the converting, but I think it's starting to shape into what I want it to become:)
The first picture shows how it looks right now, and the second with parts attached with blue tag to see how it'll look like it future. The body in his left arm is from Forge World Skin wolf. I'll also convert it, it doesn't fit to his hand now:)

Hope you like it:)



Thursday, February 14, 2013


If you liked my Hellbrute you can buying him by visiting this link.

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If you are interested in buying this Contemptor Dreadnought from Forge World please visit this link.

                                                           <<< AUCTION LINK>>>



Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hellbrute - Iron Warriors


This time I will show you my first model, who is not space marine. After purchasing WH40K Dark Vengeance I decided to paint the model Hellbrute. It Enchanted me terribly this because it is very complex and has a lot of detail. At first glance it does not look that hard. But I had to rise to the heights of my painting skills, and here are the effects.


I chose the colors of Iron Warriors because of the strips that I really like.
I hope you enjoy it.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Pre Heresy Space Marine

This time a pre heresy space marine from Forge World. It's event only model from GD 2011. I'll put it on ebay tomorrow or the next day:)
Just need to take new photos as those show unfinished model (there are no writings on the purity seals) because I couldn't take proper pics today thanks to bad weather:)


Hope you like it!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mila Kusanagi - WIP


Some time ago I did a review of a Andrea miniatures model Mila Kusanagi an now I'm painting her. I love this model and I have much fun painting this one. Larger scale models have nice big surfaces and you can do much with them. I had many ideas for this model but I decided to make a green NMM armor that will stand out. 

There is still much work to be done and many decisions to make with this model but I enjoy working on this model and I don't want to finish her to soon. Unfortunately I don't have much time to paint now and this model will take some considerable time to pain so be patient and wait for further WIP photos.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Big robot for infinity

today you can see a big mech from infinity. The model is Dragao and it's for PanOceania army. I have to admit that the sculpture, as well as the cast was very good- there were little mold lines and everything fit together perfectly. Guy is rather big, comparable to 54mm minis.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ultramarines Army up closer part 2

Today I will present the second part of my Ultramarines army.
It will be a part of my heavy support, or Predator, Vindykator, and Whirlwind.
The first two models I painted more than one year ago, and the last is a work of painted six months ago.
I invite you to watch.