Friday, July 26, 2013

Tau Commander W.I.P.

Some time ago I started working on a model of the commander, to army Tau. But I had to stop it because of the competition MoI, to which I painted something different.
Now the project is back on my desk, but I changed him a little. Conception remains the same, the color red and a lot of scrapes and chipping armor. But I decided a little different approach to color armor. I wanted to obtain fairly strong contrast, therefore to shade I used paint Blue Angels from VMA mixed with the base color ie  Skorne red from p3 in the ratio of 50/50. In addition, in the midtones added Liche purple color from CC to change the standard red and obtain interesting discolouration.
I used for brightening the color of Khador red base of p3, and where I wanted to get strong saturation I placed him on white primer. In a few places I added orange glaze painted Khador red highlight from p3 to break red.
That's it when it comes to armor, at this stage I can say that I am satisfied with the current color because it was experiment.
Battle damage is in the initial phase, most of the remnants of previous assumption.
Any suggestions and opinions are welcome.

Cześć Jakiś czas temu rozpocząłem prace nad modelem komandora, do armi Tau. Musiałem jednak przerwać je z uwagi na konkurs MoI, na który to malowałem coś zupełnie innego.Teraz projekt powrócił na moje biurko, ale trochę go zmieniłem. Koncepcja pozostaje ta sama, czyli barwa czerwona i sporo zadrapań i odprysków pancerza, jednak postanowiłem trochę inaczej podejść do samego koloru pancerza. Chciałem uzyskać dość mocny kontrast dlatego do cieniowania użyłem farby Blue Angels od VMA pomieszanej z kolorem bazowym tj. Skorne red od p3 w stosunku 50/50. Dodatkowo w tonach średnich dodałem koloru Liche purple od CC żeby zmienić standard czerwieni i uzyskać ciekawe przebarwienie. Do rozjaśniania użyłem koloru Khador red base od p3, a tam gdzie chciałem uzyskać mocne nasycenie kładłem go na biały podkład. W kilku miejscach dodałem pomarańczowe glejzy farbą Khador red highlight od p3, żeby przełamać czerwień.To tyle, jeśli chodzi o  pancerz, na tym etapie mogę powiedzieć że jestem zadowolony z obecnego koloru z uwagi że był to eksperymen. Battle damage narazie bardzo wstępnie, większość to pozostałości po poprzednim założeniu.Ewentualne sugestie i opinie mile widziane .

I greet


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kingdom Death - Great Game Hunter

Hi there!
Today I'd like to show you my figure that get distinction prize in Master Of Imagination contest in Radom, Poland, few weeks ago. It's not my newest paintjob and now as some time passed I see that the wall behind her is a little bit boring ;) The colour scheme is taken from the concept art.

I hope you like her,


Saturday, July 20, 2013


I'm selling two of my miniatures. If you are interested, auction links are under the photos.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Painting meeting

Hi there!
Last weekend we had a TBB painting meeting. We gathered in one place to paint, chat and have a lot of fun generally:)
I was painting my Golden Demon project (GD is soon, pictures of my entries around 13th of August). Luk spent some time on his red Tau forge world guy, Redav was painting NMMs on his inquisitor from Confrontation, Czys had 60 (!!!) tau fire warriors airbrushed and battle damaged, and Gimiak was painting his orc (see progress in previous post).
 me (loler), Luk, Redav, Czys

 That looks gory! Czys's red tau in prongress

 Luk, Redav, Czys, Gimiak

 Happy Redav, don't remember why but sth good happened for him I guess

 Focused Luk...
and Redav's Inquisitor:)

What do you think about meetings like that? Do you prefer to paint alone, listening to music or something? Do you think you can benefit from painting in group of people? Tell us what you think!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kommandos Nob wip 1.1

It's me again. It's good to be alive again. ;) Yesterday we've a painting session, so expect more pics in a near future. As mention earlier I've started painting this little fella. First two shots are from the painting session.

 And here I manage to finish Nob head. Looking at those pictures I must admit that greens and browns doesn't look well on images. I've used default setting in my camera, but next time I'll find a solution making some changes in camera setting.

That's it for now. Next week I'll work on the Nob body.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


below you can see my new guy from infinity. This time it's the hassassin fiday.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gimiak's new project: Ork Kommandos Nob

Hi there,
 It's time to make a small break and paint something which is not necronish...My last that kind of a project was Ezekiel, painted in January 2013... Right now on my desk there is a small group of 13 Necron Warriors. They are airbrushed with Temple Guard Blue. Hopefully this lucky group of individuals will be finished till the end of the month. Going back to the model which isn't a necron, I'm going to paint a Nob from the Ork Kommandos group. Lucky for me I've this guy made from metal, so the cast is nice. Below are few shots of pre-shaded model. I've tried painting Orks long time ago, which in fact was my second attempt to WH40K (around 2001), but with this model I'll try to use all of my skills to achieve higher level than usual.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Akkylannie Griffons Inquisitor - WIP 1.0

I didn't posted something for a long time but now I have something that I want to show you. Some time ago I started my secret project for Master of Imagination but unfortunately I didn't have time to finish this miniature. It is a model form Rackham's Confrontation. I always loved Confrontation models and I think that was the best thing in this game. Ok now here you have some photos.

Dawno nic nie zamieszczałem ale teraz mam wam coś do pokazania. Jakiś czas temu zacząłem mój sekretny projekt na konkurs Master of Imagination ale nie miałem czasu aby go dokończyć. Jest to stary model Rackama do Konfrontacji. Zawsze lubiłem modele do Konfrontacji i poza zasadami był to najlepszy motyw tej gry. Ok a teraz fotki modelu :P

As you can see there is much work to be done on this model. I need to finish golden NMM and then I will be doing some smaller details. I plan to do some battle damage on his armor and weapon and then maybe some freehand on his cape.

Jak widzicie zostało mi jeszcze sporo pracy. Muszę jeszcze dokończyć złoty NMM a potem zajmę się mniejszymi detalami. Planuję uszkodzenia na zbroi i na złocie oraz freehand na płaszczu.

As for the golden NMM I wanted to test some other colors and I added some Vallejo Golden Yellow. What do you think ?? Does it look like gold ??

Jeśli chodzi o złoty NMM to tym razem poeksperymentowałem i do rozjaśnień dodałem Golden Yellow z palety Vallejo. Ciekawe czy wam tak pasuje?? Wygląda to jak złoty ??

Ok see you next time.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Eldar Farseer

Hi there!

today I'd like to show you my Eldar Farseer.

As it's paited for Ebay I chose standard color scheme presented on GW site. It was a little bit boring for me, and nothing new to learn during painting so I decided to add more freehands to make it better. OSL on hand, some golden border line at the bottom of the robe (it's lolers thing and it fits perfect to almost every detail on the miniature :P ), runes at the sides and back of the cloak and tear under the right eye:)

The most important freehand on this mini was the black and white design at the bottom of the cloak. It was taken from the book Victorian Foliage Designs by James K. Colling. I bought this book in the "shop with cheap books" for around 10zł (it's about 3$). I highly reccomend this book to everybody who search for some freehands inspirations;)

for those who missed it we have some items on ebay, including farseer from above!


Dark Angels Librarian:

painted by Loler, photo below :)

cheers and to the next time!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Death Guard Dreadnought

Hello everyone
   In the end I managed to finish painting Death Guard Drednought model which was specially painted for the competition MoI in Radom. Eventually I received distinction. Given the length of my painting (2.5 years) and very strong competitors it was a success for me and motivation for further work.
   As I wrote in a previous article long time ago I was looking for an idea for a painting of this model because I think it is really cool and has a mass of detail. I worked hard and a lot of brush work was done to make it look good but from among of all models which I painted this gave me the greatest pleasure. I managed to obtain what I planned, although it was quite the complicated process because of the huge amount of glazes, it took me about 80h but it was worth it.
I leave it to you to evaluate.

  For me personally Nurgle is associated with rot, wounds pus, blood, pimples, sickness and everything else that disgusting. I tried to imitate it on my model using different shades of green, brown and yellow mixing them together in various proportions.
The colors which I used to
Camouflage green VGC - the base color of the aero on black primer
Vermin Brown CC
Brown Burbonic CC
Rotting flesh CC
Green Goblin VGC
Dead flesh VGC
Hormagaunt purple CF
Smoke VMC
Regal blue CC
Baal red CW
Leviathan Purple CW
Brown ink VMC
Old gold VM

Whole model was painted clean, although it has illustrate rotting and disgusting.

Witam wszystkich
    W końcu udało mi sie skończyć malowanie Drednota od Death Guardów, model był specjalnie malowany na konkurs MoI w Radomiu. Ostatecznie otrzymałem tam wyróżnienie. Biorąc po uwagę mój staż malarski ( 2,5 roku ) i bardzo silnych konkurentów jest to dla mnie sukces i motywacja do dalszej pracy.
    Jak pisałem we wcześniejszym artykule długo szukałem pomysłu na pomalowanie tego modelu bo moim zdaniem jest naprawdę super i ma masę detali. Ciężko i sporo pracowałem pędzlem żeby dobrze wyglądał  ale z pośród wszystkich modeli które pomalowałem ten dał mi największą przyjemność. Udało mi sie uzyskać to co sobie zaplanowałem chociaż był to dość skomplikowany proces ze względu na ogromną ilość glejzów, zajęło mi to około 80h ale było warto.
Pozostawiam go wam do oceny.

  Mi osobiście Nurgle kojarzy się ze zgnilizną, ranami, ropą, krwią, pryszczami, chorobą i wszystkim innym co ochydne. Starałem się to odwzorować na moim modelu używając różnych odcieni zieleni, brązu i żółci mieszając je ze sobą w różnych proporcjach.
Kolory jakich używałem to
Camouflage green VMC - bazowy kolor z aero na czarny podkład
Vermin brown CC
Burbonic brown CC
Rotting flesh CC
Goblin green VMC
Dead flesh VMC
Hormagaunt purple CF
Smoke VMC
Regal blue CC
Baal red CW
Leviathan purple CW
Brown ink VMC
Old gold VM
Cały model był malowany czysto, choć ma obrazować zgnilizne i obrzydlistwo.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dead End

Hi there!
few days ago I was asked if I would like to join the group of Brush Brothers, it's real pleasure for me so here I am! This is my first post here so let me introduce myself :) I'm Peter 'Dexter', 24 years old, I've been painting miniatures for about 3 years now, mainly for myself. Few months ago after speaking with Loler I've decided to put my works on the Internet and start painting minis for ebay.

In the last Loler's post 'Master of Imagination' he mantioned about my diorama. It was my first entry in this kind of competition so I'm veeeeeeery happy it won GOLD :)

OK, enough writing, let me show you the Dead End!

Dead End

As I said before I've started painting minis for ebay so I have little sneak peak of upcoming auction!

Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Master of Imagination

Long time no see:) I had some hard time during the university but now I'm finally on my holiday. Last weekend there was a competition- Master of Imagination in which some of us entered (me, Redav, Luk and our new brother!!! - soon more info on that). It was a great day, made some new friends, met the old ones and we even got some trophies:) Luk got first cut in large model (which was the hardest in the competition- Karol Rudyk and Bohun entered there and won gold and silver). Redav won bronze in the same category (congrats mate!) and I was lucky enough to get bronze in fantasy single, bronze in sculpt and silver in sci-fi single. I also won the speed painting competition:) As for the new Brushbrother- he also got a trophy but I'll leave it for him to tell you more:) The prizes were very nice, statuettes beautiful and the general atmosphere was brilliant. Unfortunately we didn't take any photos on the event. We were to busy talking to all the epic people we've met, but luckily there are some photos from the event on other blogs.
check out this review of the event on Paints of War blog:

Soon there will be an official coverage by White Tree (organizers of this competition- Thank you again Rakso and Ignis for making this event for us). I'll post it when it's done.

As for my miniatures I entered one of the miniatres I already posted here- a baby Cthulhu by maow miniatures. Also a sculpt of a little lonely robot (photos soon!).
baby Cthulhu

And as for single sci-fi (silver), here are some pics:

Librarian Janusz

That would be all for today:)
hope you enjoyed it!