Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Packing miniatures

Whenever I have to send a miniature to someone I'm nervous... Maybe it's just me but Im always thinking that the mini might break or damage during shipment. So I try to pack my minis as good as I can.
I thought that maybe there is someone like me, always nervous about shipping:)
I had to pack this mini

the first step was his wooden base. I wraped it in paper towel and put it on the bottom of some kind of styrofoam box I found in my basement:) You can ofcourse use any other box, I just thought this might by harder than carton.
Then I took a sponge bougth in some local shop, and cut half of it (as I didnt need more)
Saw that it's too long so I just had to cut some more

ok, now I placed the mini on the sponge and started to draw contours of mini on the sponge
and with modeling knife I cut the shape of my emperors champion:)
It fits well, but I decided to wrap it in soft paper towel becouse the sponge I used was a little rough, scratchy.
I placed the sponge in my box...
...and put that box into another one... I always do that, makes me feel more comfortable:D

that would be all. I know it might look silly to pack one little mini in such a huge box, but now Im calm, becouse this package is indestructible;)
cheers, loler

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