Monday, November 8, 2010

Sanguinius - more pics

As promised I put few pics of my Sanguinius. I will paint him last after all other super heroes from BA chapter, maybe in the upcoming year. What I can say about the model? The sculpted figure is looking preaty good. IMHO only his sword is a little bit to thin. Looking at the range of the models Ronin miniatures only Fulgrim looks better. ;)


  1. If you are interested in getting the rest of the range, and the best prices primarchs at prices of manufactures you can write to this address:
    The company exists, I bought 4 months ago and have many primarchs and the emperor.
    rodolfo.goglia @

  2. Thank you,I'll contact him and try to purchase the rest of the line.

    Ps: How expensive are they?