Saturday, March 5, 2011

Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator step by step - part three


It's time for third part of our tutorial. Today I will show you how I work on yellow parts and lightning claw. Reffering to Games Workshop's painting guide I started to paint yellow parts (Storm Bolter and shoulder pad) with Bronzed Flash.

After several coats I put aside yellow and start working with lightning claw. Looking at GW tutorials in the best advertisement called White Dwarf you may see that they are paint all the power weapons for marines with blue. It looks cool, but looking at my model I decided to try different color. To my head came an idea to paint it with red. As a basis I've mixed Blood Red with Chaos Black around 2:1.

Then I've add another Blood Red drop with more water I've started to make simple stroke in two directions (45 degree and 135 degree) on all from four claws with it.
Pure watered dawn Blood Red was then applied. Next comes mix Blood Red with Skull White. The next-to-last coat was pure white on the bottom of the claws. Very last coat was watered down Blood Red paint applied on the whole area.

The I came back to yellow. The upper sections were glazed with watered down Golden Yellow. Then I make few coats of watered down Sunburst Yellow and paint edges with Skull White.

Using Blue Tac I've ripped off masking fluid and emphasized the bottom edges with white.

I've to apply a little bit Blazing Orange paint on few yellow parts in a near future. With this small accent I'll finish my tutorial's third part. On upcoming fourth part you could expect steps which I'll make while painting wolf's fur. I've to think about the base, right now I don't have bloody idea how to prepare it. In my whole painting time frame I didn't have ever prepared snow covered base. Maybe this will be my milestone.

Till tomorrow,


  1. Very nice - the yellow is rich and vibrant. I'm less convinced about the claws...because of the rust effect you are using on the rest of the model, to me this dark red effect looks like the claw is rusted.

  2. Yeah, that yellow is great...which GW guide are you referring to? These step by steps you're doing are outstanding, some of the most helpful I've come across. Thanks, and keep it up!

  3. It's called "Citadel Layering Chart". I've received it when I purchase GW hobby starter with 8-9 paints and a standard brush.