Monday, March 7, 2011

Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator step by step - part five


Well, today as mention before I will show you how have I painted gold and silver elements. I've started with base of Shining Gold. Usually I use mix of Shining Gold and Scorcheb Brown 1:1 mix or Tin Bitz, but this time I wanted to try pure Shining Gold.

Then I've applied Devlan Mud wash in the recesses of all gold elements.

Last coat was pure Mithril Silver applied on top of all convex elements.

Now it's time to paint silver. As usuall I've started with coat of Boltgun Metal.

Then I've applied Badab Black wash on all silver surfaces.

Pipes, or whatever you call it, I've put additionally Devlan Mud wash.

Last coat was made with, as mention before, Mithril Silver paint.

Yep, that's all for today. Pretty easy, hugh? Tomorrow I'll show you how have I painted all the rocky parts (talismans, crux terminator etc).


Ps: To my head came an idea, to make similar while painting my Death Company and a regular Blood Angels Dreadnoughts. I could easy divide my work among black and red parts. They are on my list for March / April.

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  1. Wonderful job. But the pictures are very dark.