Friday, March 4, 2011

Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator step by step - part two


As mentioned yesterday I continue to show you my small tutorial. Today it's time for part two.

Using airbrush I've started to apply paint - Shadow Grey - on the whole model.

The second coat apllied 'from the  above' was Space Wolves Grey.

When the paint dried, using Blue Tac, I've ripped off all the masking fluid from the armour. I have left right shoulder pad and storm bolter, because I wanted to put there a little bit yellow paint, 

Then I was working with bottom edges. I've started with 'rusty' pieces. Using citadel finde detail brush I've emphesized the bottom sections with Space Wolves Grey.

After finishing all rusty parts I've started to emphasize borders of Wolf Guard armour.

Yeah! That's all for today. Check our blog tomorrow for MORE. Next part and maybe something else... who knows... ;]



  1. *note to myself: get an airbrush!*

    what airbrush/compressor do you use?

    Armor looks great so far :)


  2. I don't know exactly, I've choosen the cheepest compresor and airbrush (0,2 'gun').

    Check our blog tomorrow for further step. ;]

    Ps: Sicarius and Nork Deddog are smiling on my desk to me. But first I want to finish painting stormraven gunship. But these two, beside my last three guys from assault squad are next on painting table. ;]

  3. Looking good!

    Someday I'll have an airbrush xD

    Great use of the masking fluid ;D

  4. what colour do u used for the rust and scrathes on servo?¿

    (sorry for my english) xD

  5. Check step one of my tutorial for more details.

  6. WOW! This is so great, i am just starting up a Space Wolves Army and this is what i want to do also! Just a question concerning the WINSOR MASKING FLUID - did you use colourless and how easy was it to remove it with that blue tac?