Friday, March 4, 2011

Painting face

I finally have some time to post this tutorial I mentioned before.
To paint I always use lots of glazes, and as Khargrim sugested I'll make a video of how I dilue the water, paint with glazes and stuff like that:) Next week I'll be visiting a friend of mine who will help me make that video.

Ok, but let's start with the face
As always I made a basecoat of chaos black and skull white primed from above the miniature.
The first step was to paint the skin with bleached bone. I made 2-3 thin layers to get a clean base for further steps.
The first shades were made using dwarf flesh glazes. It also gave some natural colours to the flesh.
I mixed some regal blue, warlock purple and made few delicate shadows. As you can see I try to paint them where the black basecoat was right before spraying with white.

here I mixed red gore with dwarf flesh anf made some warm areas next to the cheeks and eyebrows.
I made some dwarf flesh glazes to make the purples a little more natural. Then I started to paint lights using bleached bone, and then bleached bone mixed with skull white.
Almost pure white was used to make final higlight and wrinkles.
When the skin was finished it was time for details. I made teeth with space wolves grey and skull white using 00-size brush.
And started to paint the eye. The first step (dont know why but I'm missing a photo of it) was to paint the eyes with some dark brown (bestial+black+some purple I found on the palette:) )
Then with skull white I made white eye.
With regal blue and chaos black mix I painted pupil
and made a reflex on it with skull white.
As I thought the reflex was to big I redone the previous step:).
And using few glazes of space wolves grey+a little regal blue+a little chaos black I painted hair and facial hair.
Using old brush as on the picture below I stared to gently stipple the hair with a mix of bleashed bone, dwarf flesh and a color used for painting hair.

sry for the next picture (too bright). I painted the eyebrow using some greys.
And the face was finished:) I painted all the equipment and lence but that not what's that sbs about:)

and that would be all for today:)
Hope you found it interesting;)


  1. GREAT TUTORIAL!. I can say I can paint on a decent level but faces are still a bit tricky. this tutorial has given me new insights and ideas.
    Thank you!


  2. Very good tutorial. Did you paint the head of the green marine same way?

  3. happy you like it:)
    it was mostly the same, but I used some more brown and less purple on the green marine

  4. Straszny wytrzeszcz mu zrobiłeś :D

  5. very nice I will be trying this very soon. I hope.

  6. Wow nice, what brushes do you use?

  7. Wow nice, what brushes do you use?

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