Thursday, June 10, 2010

Magnetised Assault Squads...

Gimiak here, again...
The last two weeks I didn't post anything because of my vacational trip. During that time I was unable to paint anything. Unfortunately.
I've started cleaning my three assault squads for my Blood Angels army. Some time ago I purchased small (3x1 mm) magnets for my shop and I've used them on my models. I love to paint but 6 assault squads, even for me, is a hard cookie. Therefore I decided to make three squads with option to switch backpacks to jump packs. Two small magnets works great and are able to hold those packs.

Additionally thanks to new kits I was able to create totally unique assault squads. Below you will find one of the sergeants with very 'hot' pistol, power fist and jump pack from Sanguinary Guards. These jump packs look pretty cool without wings.

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