Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Urien Rakarth painting log - part three

My third post with Urien. I was experiment a little bit with some of his clothes (again). Few elements and this little guy will be finished. I still don't have a bloddy idea how to paint his venom blade, so probably this will be my last painted element. Sorry for dark pictures but Today morning my camera's flash batteries say no to me.


Ps: Next time I'll show you some progress of my Dreadnought. Urien absorbed all of my time.
Ps2: Beside painting models I'm working on tyranids (again). It seems that first love (actually army) doesn't rust. So far I've cleaned some Zoanthropes, Hive Guards, Hive Tyrant, Trygon and Raveners. I know that current army is weak comparing to other armies, but I want to play them anyway.

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