Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mila Kusanagi 2.0


Yesterday I managed to finish my latest project and it is a Mila Kusanagi miniature from Andrea Miniatures. I painted this as a commission and it is my second take on this sculpt. This time my goal was to make her similar but better. Recently I bought some Scale 75 paints and I wanted to test them on this mini. I must say that the Scale paints are very good in my opinion so I encourage you to test them. I will try to make a review of them in near future. I wanted the armor to be a central piece of this one so the spectator will at first look at it. I hope I have succeeded. The whole miniature was painted with brush but the base was a little airbrushed. Ok here you have some photos. At the end you will see some comparison photos with my earlier version of Mila.

Anny comments are welcome so feel free to tell me what you think about this project.



  1. Wow - I really like both your new and earlier version of Mila!
    You really have a nice and smooth blending going on.

    Which of the blue Scale 75 colors did you use? Really nice gradient!
    Also, how did you make the dirt look on the base? Some kind of pigments?
    Cheers :-)

    1. I'm happy you like her. As for the Scale colors for the armor I have used:
      - the darkest shadows are made with a mix of Deep Blue SC-55 and Sunset Purple SC- 33,
      - then Navy Blue SC-54
      - next was Cantabric Blue SC-53,
      - then Mediterranean Blue SC-51,
      - then Sky Blue SC-50,
      - and at the end some White SC-01

      Of course I have mixed those colors to make smooth transitions. I hope this will help. If you have some other questions feel free to ask.


    2. Ah and I forgot to tell you that I use some Vallejo rust pigments for the base and some Vallejo grey pumice for the sand and dirt. Some pigments ware used with water and some I rubbed with a brush to make a dusty look.

    3. Awesome - thank you for the info Red :-)

  2. Spectacular work! congratulations on the.

    A greeting.