Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gimiak's SRG log - day 10: Further weathering - part two


Next step was rusting the silver elements. I've tried this method on my Necron Lord and the end result was very nice. Maybe these pictures will not show you all, but you have to belive me on words that it really look great on the real model.

I've applyied watered Dark Flesh paint with a Citadel Large Brush (great advertisement, buahahaha ;)) using a stipple method on the whole areas. Second coat was watered Vermin Brown using the same method but leaving a lot of previous painted areas. Next-to-last I apply watered down Blazing Orange, still using stipple method. When the last coat dried I've choosen Boltgun Metal paint and Citadel Medium Drybrush. Of course this brush is dedicated for use drybrush method but I used it for stipple method. Yes, next-to-last coat is applied using Stipple method with one exeption. I've taken a little bit paint on the brush and started to make straight strokes on paper, simiilar to drybrush method. The last part is the most important one. When there is a little bit paint (almost dry) on the brush I stipple it on the whole silver areas. yestarday I just didn't have enought time to finish bordering with Mitrhril Silver but I'll do it today.

You can expect tomorrow few pictures of the almost finished Stormraven Gunship body. Yeah!

That's it for now. Expect further progres pictures in a near future.


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