Saturday, May 14, 2011

GK painting contest winner

Hi there,

We would like to thank you for voting in our small Grey Knight painting competition. The victory goes to entry #6 painted by DawiZharr. Very nice peace of art. Below you can see few other shoots from Dawi's entry.

So Grey Knights Dreadknight goes to DawiZharr. Congratulations.

I've also a sad message for you. Due to my lack of time and some inner problems I'll not participate in creation of this really cool miniature painting blog. Maybe occasionally if I'll find some time I'll put something but I don't want to promise anything. So far this is my farewell post. It was a pleasure to share ideas, painting schemes etc. with you.

Ps: It's not that I'm going to end with painting, right now I just can't find place and time to do it.




  1. a worthy winner! and a flawless model! the NMM is astounding! :D
    but its sad that gimiak is leaving :(


    p.s. who won the terminator?

  2. AMAZING paintjob!
    Very inspirational.

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