Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grey Knights Chapter Master painting tutorial (step by step) - part four


Well sorry for delay in my tutorial, but I was unable to find time to paint anything. Due to some problems I've lost pictures from my digi camera. What you see below it's the final prepared model.

Painting tabard
I had three attempts on painting tabard. Below you can see the very last version. I've started with Liche Purple which was shaded with Liche Purple mixed with Chaos Black 3:1. Tabard was highlighted with Warlock Purple, Warlock Purple and Bleached Bone mixture.

Painting power weapon
It was unusuall for me to paint PW in this way. So far I've painted it with regular metallics. This time I've wanted to try something new. Chaos Black and Regal Blue was choosen as a shade, Regal Blue as a base and Ice Blue as the final highlight on the blade. Thin layer of Skull White was applied on the very edges. I know it isn't perfect, but you have to give me a credit - it was my PW ever. ;)

Well, nothing special at all but my small tutorial is finally finished. Hopefully it will not be my last entry on our blog in this month. But looking at my job tasks my painting and hobby time looks very short. Life... such a beautiful thing... ;)


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