Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grey Knights competition entries


We've got 21 entries for our small GK painting competition. Please leave vote in comment section below. Deadline for voting is 12 May. Let the best win.

#1 Adam Eldord

#2 Arithon

#3 Billy

#4 Cartmell

#5 Cody Quan

#6 DawiZharr

#7 Denniz

#8 Equos

#9 Filipz

#10 Fuzzbuket

#11 Hevelius

#12 Karenus

#13 Keram

#14 Kreaven

#15 Luke

#16 Maciej Cwajda

#17 Major Tom

#18 M.IKE

#19 Pokrzyw

#20 Przemo

#21 Spiky James


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  3. hmm only 2 NMM knights? i thought there would be more?! i was torn between prezmo, mike, major tom,and dawizarr! personly i think dawizaars's nmm is fantastic so he gets my vote!

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  5. I am going to go for one that has been painted in good old metallics. You see so much NMM nowadays. My vote goes to number 15 Luke. Nice bold colours and nothing to hide in the pictures.

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  7. #6 is Amazing work, my compliments to you DawiZharr, i'm proud to even be competing near that level -


  8. Voted for Arithon as I thought the colours used and the lighting effect created on the armour is impressive.

    Also love the bases on MajorTom, Luke and Kreaven. Congrats to all that entered, there is some cracking work on show here.

  9. M.ike, when zoomed in the subtleties of your metals are fantastic as well. Also proud to compete with #18!

  10. #4, nice little conversion on the axe. My vote goes to Cartmell

  11. dawizhar gets all the details in that count. loved looking through these, well done everyone!
    craig @ cadian8th

  12. I hereby officially nominate your blog for a "Stylish Blogger Award".

    I always enjoy reading your blog and your articles are an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work and check out my article that links to your blog here:
    Cheers,Seb aka Warpaintguy

  13. Congrats to Dawizhar, well deserved win sir :)

    Thanks to Brush Brothers as well for giving us the chance to compete for a nice prize!