Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dreadnought painting log - part one


As mention before this week I'll paint two models at once. Yestarday I have paint a little bit my regular BA Dreadnought. As a base I've choosen Mechrite Red. Then Scab Red was applied on the whole machine. Next, using an airbrush I've paint from above Blood Red paint, Skull White paint and on the end again Blood Red. I'm not in 100% happy about end result, but I'll paint it till end like this.

Next step is shading. I've choosen to make a watered dawn mixture of Scab Red and Regal Blue. Generally it looks fine, but in some areas I'll have to make some corrections. I didn't attach all of the parts but I'm going to paint almost all available weapon options for my dreadnought. So it will take a little bit (hopefully two or three days) to finish shading the whole model's armour. Next I'll make highlights and this will be made around weekend.

So far you've seen very boring pics. Today I'll start with Urien, so expect more interessting pics tomorrow.

Till next time,


  1. Czy cienie na ostatnim zdjeciu wyrzutni, stopniowo zwiekszajace sie ku dolowi, naniosles aerografem czy to cien zrobiony podczas robienia fotki?

  2. Nie, robiłem je pędzlem. Akurat na nim wyszło to słabo i jest to do poprawy.