Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Urien Rakarth painting log - part one


As planned before, yestarday I've started to paint Urien Rakarth. So far I'ce done only coat... or more likely dress. Rather to go in purples I've decided to go in leather direction. Snakebite Leather paint was used as a base for his dress. I paint shadows with mixture od Snakebite and Asurmen Blue wash. Then I've applied watered down Liche Purple paint in some areas.

Watered down Snakebite and Skull White mixture was applied as highlight. Top highlight I've achieved using Skull White paint.

Overall I'm satisfied with choosen colors. I've to make some corrections on the Urien's front side. So next time I'll start with it and then paint his chest bony armour.

Till next time,

1 comment:

  1. Very nice leather on Urien mate. I hope you will keep the same level of painting on this one and I eagerly await next WIP photos.