Saturday, November 20, 2010

Easy patterns

Today I'll show you how to make easy and quick patterns on your tanks, or big monsters. This technique is very good if you want to have many the same markings on your models.

1. First, you have to find your pattern on the net or draw it on computer;
2. Print them. Remember to save forests and print as many of your drawings as you can on one page ;-)

3. Using very sharp knife cut them out;

4. Cover your model with paint of patterns desired color;

5. Cover your markings with cheapest glue stick. This shouldn't leave any trace of glue after;

6. Glue them in desired positions;

7. Paint your model;
8. Simply peel off the markings;
9. If you want, you can weather it.

Unfortunately I've destroyed Lolers airbrush (yeah, it's possible...but don't expect any tutorials about it ;-p ) so couldn't finish Leman from few first pics. That is why final pic is from other model.
Thats all, hope it helped someone


  1. Hi there

    After you peel off the design what do you get the glue off with?

    Andrew NZ

  2. Hi, there was so little glue left on the model, that I got rid of it while weathering (peeling off with rubber or blutac).