Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grey Knight painting competition

This post will be edited on the day-to-day basis. If you got any comments or ideas to our GK painting contest, please write them down.

We would like to invite you to our Grey Knight painting competition,

0. Competition lasts between 3rd of April and 30th of April;
1. You may enter only models of Grey Knight in Terminator armour. It may be also a mini from older edition, or a character in terminator armour (Brother Stern, Kaldor Draigo, etc). Conversions are allowable;
2. Miniature must be prepared on 40 mm base. It is allowed to put this base onto plinth;
3. You should send at least 1 photo of mini before painting and one after. Maximum number of pictures is 10, each should be sent as separate file (not merged into collage). The idea is to paint mini during the competition, not before it. As a subject of email please type your nickname or real name and surname + add “GK comp”;
4. Figurine doesn’t have to be painted in official Grey Knight colour scheme;
5. Pictures sent in time will be published at 1st May on
6. Voting will be set between 2nd and 8th of May (as a survey or in comments);
7. Winner will be announced 10th of May;
8. One participant may post only one miniature, which he has painted and converted. It is not allowed to post work done by friend/family/whoever else.

Send photos to:

First prize is Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight sponsored by Fireant (

Depending on the number of participants we foresee prizes which will be given randomly to some of participants.

TBB crew


  1. I was thinking that you could give out an on-line award...nothing material, just maybe a little Jpeg image that could be emailed out for placement on a blog or website.

    Getting excited for this.

  2. Good idea. But some people need to have a motivation and a real prize can motivate more people. More people, more GK Terminator proposals and wide competition. This should be healthy for our contest. Or at least U just hope for it. :) Each one of us got around 24 days for planing, which IMHO in that kind of project is very important.

  3. There are going to be some cool material awards:) but we can also think of sth more... jpgish:)

  4. ill give it a go! (hopefully) your blog+ painting skills are amazing!!

  5. oh i know this is a long time arfter the OP but can you enter squads or does it have to be a single mini?


  6. Of course you can paint a squad, but for a competition purposes only one miniature is required. You will not get any addtional points for painting a squad. ;)

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